Christmas is over; the most wonderfully exhausting time of the year

(This is my first ever post, please bear with me. My dear friend has told me that I need to blog as a way to journal my life happenings)

Christmas is magical, don’t mistake me,  it is my favorite holiday by far – but CHRISTMAS IS EXHAUSTING! We are now two days post-Christmas and I am finally coming out of my mimosa-induced, crazy, frantic, wonderful, loving fog.

I am not sure how everyone else’s holidays normally go, but ours are always one huge chaotic blend of happiness, laughter and disaster. Let me give a rundown of our holiday weekend.

To be honest, I can barely remember Saturday, it seems like an eternity ago and was the most normal day of the bunch! We made cookies with my best friends family (note, Santa will be borderline diabetic when you let a 3 and 5 year old decorate cookies). My husband and hers got stuck in the mountains for hours while getting a tree for her parents and I had the most wonderful evening with an old friend over drinks. It was a great start to a Holiday Weekend.

Sunday was Christmas Eve. We started by celebrating with our friends over a wonderful breakfast to peacefully start the day (and to give my Husband his surprise present that I had been using our friends garage to house). The present was a new TV for our shop (which is more like our house, but that is a story for another day). I had told the kids a couple of weeks ago and asked them to keep a secret, but who was I kidding.  This was my mistake.  They told my husband. I confirmed to him that yes indeed he was getting a TV, but then, in the most sneaky turn of events I told him several days later that the store didn’t honor the advertised price and that he was not getting a TV. I thought I had certainly pulled the wool over his eyes!! I didn’t, he has me completely figured out and I am a horrible liar.  So that dramatic surprised  reaction I was looking for—– didn’t get.

After, the anti-climatic gift giving, the mimosas convinced us we should record a Christmas music video. Mimosas are always right…. it was gloriously funny (I may have to share someday)! After that, my husband took the kids to go pick up our new horse (they sound incredibly spoiled don’t they—but this was a very inexpensive ranch horse so don’t get any pictures of us being to fancy-dancy around here). Having the kids gone was supposed to be when I could start wrapping all the “magical” presents……… cue me making hot cocoa, turning hallmark on…. And literally wrapping two presents. My husband looked at me as if I was a three-headed goose when he returned.  But seriously, it was Hallmark!!! He doesn’t understand.

Moving on……. I then got a panicked call from my littlest brother, who had (not surprisingly, but this is another story) forgot to buy his wife stocking stuffers. So off I go to town, with my 5-year-old, on Christmas Eve, where I decided Wal-Mart was the best place to shop….. I repeat, on Christmas Eve……. To buy stocking stuffers………This was a poor decision on my part. UMMMMMMM did you know on Christmas Eve they start putting VALENTINES DAY stuff out!!!!! Well, she got a small craft, candy, socks, a deck of cards and magazine and a pack of gum. I am sure she felt like Santa had forgotten her.

So, after all that (remember this is all ONE day), I get home with 30 minutes to get two littles, one husband and myself ready for candlelight service at the church. We pulled it off though! We looked amazing( I even curled my hair) and got to church with time to spare. Boom. Mic Drop.  Of course, I picked a back pew because my kids become possessed when trying to sit still. I swear something in them takes over and they get restless body syndrome.  We made it through the service with only a couple of hand swats and stern looks. Then, the part my kids were living for…. The lighting of the candles!!! My husband took my daughter to the aisle so she could see better and I stayed in the row with my son. He was being so good with his candle, I was so impressed!!! The Pastor was amazing and I was totally engrossed with the message, right up until I hear my husband whisper-yell the F-bomb in church. Much to my surprise, my son set his hair on fire, as I was standing entranced next to him.  My husband said he looked down to see my son slapping the front of his head, trying to put his own fire out. The hair was burnt only about a thumbprint size, but you can certainly see the singe marks. After this, my dear child loudly pronounced “I smell like a branding calf”. At this point, we are all laughing so hard we could barely walk out of the church upright. We just don’t ever have Silent Nights.

After Church we made our way to an extended family dinner. Everything was going wonderful and smooth…. which is impressive for us. However, during one of the more quiet parts of our gift exchange my daughter looked to the lady next to us (one of her great aunts) and asked “Who ARE you?” with this look of total disdain as if she didn’t think she should even be there. I about died in my seat.IMG_6912


Ok, so that gets us through Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is a whole different animal. First, am I the only parent that wakes up early because I get so excited??? I was up two hours before my kids!! It was driving me crazy to have all this magic and not have them running down the halls to see it. I finally went in and WOKE THEM UP! They were thrilled and it was magical. We then went to my husband’s sister and had a wonderful breakfast, mimosas, and truly a great morning. Then it was time to head to the big family Christmas Dinner. The lesson I took away from this was, don’t use provolone to make mac n cheese if you are going to be in a small garage eating as a family (this garage is truly an additional room on my in-laws gorgeous home). One of my favorite cousins was in the garage, sniffing around like a bloodhound, trying to find out where the “pee” smell was coming from….. it was my mac n cheese, i wanted to hide under the table I was so embarrassed!  Listen, it tasted good, I swear! But now I am forever the Urine Pasta person. Great label. But did anyone die? NO! I should start a cookbook with all the messed up recipes I have created (again, another story).

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday. I love watching my children soak up all the family time and create memories. Couple things to note though, as a tip to other mommas out there, pay attention to daycare schedules so you don’t forget they are closed the day after Christmas and for god’s sake DON’T RUN OUT OF COFFEE… we did, it’s not pretty. Oh, and laundry detergent. I have to get to Wal-Mart today… for Coffee and Laundry Detergent. Before we become naked caffeine-craving monsters in my house.


Alright Friends, thanks for letting my journal my thoughts! Until next type, be happy y’all !!!



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