We Love Peanut Butter!!

Our hearts grew ten sizes over the Christmas Holiday (sorry, I am still stuck in Christmas Movie Quote zone) as we welcomed home Peanut Butter! Peanut Butter joins Thunder Monkey, Bentley and Kippy in our barn and so far he seems to fit in perfectly!  We all couldn’t be happier. Especially me, I mean look at this face. I just want to love him, and kiss him, and hold him, and brush him and hug him…he on the other hand, he just wants to eat.

We are horse people, they bring an incredible sense of happiness to my heart, and well my husband believes in “happy wife, happy life”.  (In all honesty, he has always had horses, it was just one of the reasons I decided to marry him)  Our kids basically have no choice until they are 18, until then they shall love horses! Our daughter actually is horse-obsessed, which I love. Our son likes them but isn’t as horse-crazy as his sister. He prefers monster trucks, dirt bikes, basically anything with wheels and a sense of danger. He does, however, want to ride bucking horses someday……. So we will see where that goes……. I think I need to see a Dr.  now, I have a strong feeling he is going to give me a heart attack.

Our horses, individually and collectively, could tell big stories about their lives, but one thing is constant, they are well-loved with us! We have had Bentley (age 5) and Kippy (age 9) the longest and have owned them both since they were very young. But Thunder Monkey (age 14), has been with us for about 2 years. He has added so much personality to our barn; but this is a story for another day. Today, we are focused on Peanut Butter so the kids don’t have to fight over who gets to ride TM first, longest, more etc. In fact, the individual most excited about Peanut Butter might just be TM, but he seems to have an odd way of showing it. He has immediately made it known to PB that HE is in charge around this place, clearly size does not matter.

Peanut Butter originally comes from the Salmon, ID area where he worked on a ranch, considered the “wives horse” and generally done it all. He moved up to our neck of the woods a while back and had been looking for a new home to find a purpose. My husband found him and immediately knew he would fit perfectly with us. I pretended I needed to sleep on it to make my decision, which seemed like the mature adult thing to do… Needless to say, before I was even out of bed the next morning I had announced we needed to buy him. He is 15 years old and we look forward to enjoying him for the rest of his life!

Until next type!


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