New Year, New Me (Right?)

It’s that time of year again; time for quiet reflection on the year past and the year to come. To do so, I like to retreat to my private den, turn some good music on, sip a hot cup of cocoa (spiked of course) and stare out the window at the peaceful scenery surrounding me in order to achieve deep reflection……………………..EERRRCCHHH (cue disc scratching sound)…………..Reality Check: I stand in my living room amidst a sea of toys, fruit snack wrappers, and Disney Jr shows, while I sip my mildly warm coffee as I watch my wonderfully wild little humans play nicely and then fight with each other.

I am doing this now, before I leave for our New Year’s Weekend, so that I don’t let Champagne Me make my resolutions again. Last year, one of my resolutions was to eat something so hot I couldn’t finish it. Thanks Champagne Me, for coming up with yet another unresolved resolution i didn’t even try to accomplish this one. This year, I am aiming for more achievable goals.15823457_642185988010_2421630714961194837_n

I decided I wanted to list 7 things I hope to do better in the new year, in hopes that a couple of them actually happen! Why 7 you ask? That’s a great question I don’t have an answer. Sometimes I just arbitrarily come up with numbers. It works for me.

My 2018 Resolutions are as follows:

  • Try to make it on time to at least 5 events with the littles.
    • Let’s assume you go to 200 “events” in a year. Including making it to Daycare before 8am. Let’s try to be on time 5% of the time. I can do this. I believe in Future Me.18268236_691785874327316_4223299455710880680_n
  • Make at least one Pinterest Snack for my kids on their “leader” days at school.
    • Future Me can take the time, plan ahead, and make one of those 10,000 snacks you have pinned. The grocery story bakery will still be there if you mess up, but give it your best shot Future Me. I can do this.
  • Work out.
    • 2017 Me did turn a corner this year, starting Crossfit and averaging twice a week workouts. 2018 Me can dial this up, be a better version of Me and let’s try 3 work outs a week. Maybe 2 Crossfit and 1 run, or 2 Crossfit and a workout video at home. The possibilities are endless. Get Strong Future Me.20914389_667830915370_4642936449131322929_n
  • Eat better.
    • Don’t hover around waiting for the kids leftovers; you don’t need that mac n’ cheese and chicken nuggets. Make the damn salad rather than letting the lettuce always turn brown in the fridge! 2017 Me was at least buying the salad fixings, 2018 Me will actually eat them.20245750_664028999440_7956193094960454456_n
  • Cross Stitch.
    • 2017 Me wrote checks that 2018 Me will have to cash. I have to live up to the promises I made. I have to cross stitch a wedding gift for one of my favorite couples. (Note to self —look up YouTube videos on how to cross-stitch)
  • World Peace.
    • I mean, while I’m accomplishing all these things. Why don’t I try to solve this as well?
  • Discover the meaning of life.
    • And then write the book, make the best sellers list, and buy a cabin. WAIT ONE SECOND; is the meaning of life exactly that? Take time, think, write a book, buy a cabin and boom life fulfilled? Hmm, I doubt it. This will take further reflection. Good Luck 2018 Me.

And there it is, my list for 2018. Just like that it seems real that 2017 is drawing to a close and 2018 is about to begin.  2017 was a roller coaster for sure, but I do love rides!  Watch out 2018, I am coming for you!

Until next type, next year; stay happy!stormy and foal


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