Morning Coffee, with a dose of Reality

Back to Reality.Today marks the end of the holiday season and my entire household goes back to regular routine, work, school, basically the same ol’ same ol’.  Waking up this morning was different, I had been in vacation mode and now I had to rush around  and try to get all the moving parts in place to get out the door. We have a morning timeline again, wake up, get coffee, get dressed, drink coffee, wake up husband, make breakfast, wake up littles, sip the rest of the coffee, eat breakfast, brush all the teeth, get all the clothes on, make sure we had the right backpack, show and tell item, and out the door. (I ran a little behind this morning).  And the goal is to do this all with as few meltdowns as possible (husband included).

As I reflect on the past weekend and the New Year, I am smiling and laughing. Our weekend was fantastic and so far this year well, it’s also back to the same ol’, same ol’, I mean good intentions count for something right?

Words to describe the past weekend: Guitars, Music, Camping, Eating, Hunting, Scenery, Eating, Fireworks, Mimosa, Champs, Eating, Driving, Laughing, Smiles, Happiness, Boom, Pop, Sparkle, Goodbye, Hello, Resolutions, Eating.IMG_7161.JPG

My dear hubby and I started the weekend by going on a little “date” to a cabin  owned by one of his friends for a “jam” session. It was lovely; the weather was great, the food was better. There was even a puzzle! (If you haven’t done a puzzle lately, stop what you are doing right this second. Stop it. Go to the store. GET A PUZZLE!) So the wives sat, listed to the husbands play, worked on a puzzle and drank wine. If that isn’t the epitome of Real Housewives- Asotin County version, I don’t know what is


The next day, we packed up early and drove out-of-town to our friend’s house and set up our mobile home (aka the camper).  The kids had the greatest time, riding all things with wheels, playing in the ice, snow, on the hillside, lighting sparklers, watching fireworks, playing games etc. The Adults, well, we too had a great time playing games, talking, laughing, sharing parenting stories (including one where a child tried to take the family cat to school in a backpack), enjoying an assortment of adult beverages, and eating our weight in food etc.

The only glitch occurred our first night out there. I gave my daughter my phone to play with for a while on as I was getting dinner ready (REPEAT PINTEREST WIN!!!!<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” href=””></a&gt;). When my phone died, she gave it back to me so I just let it charge in the truck. When I checked my phone the next morning I had a couple of notifications from UBER, it would appear that she was trying to request a ride!  I don’t think anyone was out actually driving around trying to find us…… but I was asked to reset my credentials.

As far as how the New Year is going so far, well, I have yet to live up to any of my resolutions. BUT IT IS ONLY DAY 3 PEOPLE, I am a slow starter!  I was late to daycare, but only by 5 minutes, so I need just a little improvement (managed to get to work on time though!) I haven’t worked out once, but I have a “date” to work out tonight, now just to squeeze in 2 more before next week. I have been eating horribly(i.e.  McDonalds breakfast, Nacho Lunch, Smorgasbord of junk dinner), but pinned a food list yesterday, so if I make it to the store today, I will be headed in the right direction! My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow (cue mommy breakdown)  so I need treats for school, treats for daycare, treats for home and I am not going to have time to make any from scratch. I stared at my cross stitch project but need to go to the craft store and get that little frame to hold it all tight before I can actually start. I haven’t thought about world peace or the meaning of life…. Man I need to reboot myself!!!! Well, I am aiming for a healthy lunch, workout, healthy dinner today which would make day 3 a relative success on the resolution front.

Until next type!

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