What??? Four!!!!

She is 4.

                     4 she is.

                                            4. 4. 4. 4.

Born on 1/4/14. Today is her Golden Birthday. I am unable to formulate thoughts because I am in a severe state of mom-shock. For those of you that aren’t familiar with mom-shock, it is a condition that can overwhelm a mom when she realizes things are happening faster than she ever believed imaginable. For example, when kid’s age, milk prices rise again at the market, or Bravo releases another season of Real Housewives (OK, maybe the last one only happens to me) . A side effect of this condition is it is very, very difficult to communicate and sometimes we turn into fainting goats.

I am struggling to understand how time passed so quickly, if you told me she was turning 2, I would agree, I mean she wasn’t born yesterday, but the rest is a blur. I need to go through the known facts to determine if this is reality; it will also help the mom-shock.

She is old enough to put on her own clothes, that does seem like a 4 year old thing. However, her choice in clothing is questionable at best, but I can’t argue with her…… you know, choose your battles (Am I right moms?? You know how this goes…….)


She knows all the words to “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert. Yes, that does seem like a 4 year old trait. She has some fabulous dance moves  to go with (she gets this from her mother… lucky her).

She likes to tell jokes to make people laugh. Albeit, her go-to joke is to say “Look under there!” and when I say “under where?” she laughs, points, rolls around and says “you said UNDERWEAR!!” but I laugh because her hysterics are hilarious! This seems very 4 year old-ish.

She is dramatic. Overly dramatic. If you tell her to change her shoes, she may fall to the ground crying in an effort to get you to change your mind. These theatrics indeed do seem to align with 4 year old behavior.

She is unafraid. She will tell you to your face that she is going to take on the world. She will stand toe to toe with her dad (this normally doesn’t end well for her), she will boss all the young boys around in the shop (this surprisingly does work well for her). She gets her mind set and there is almost no stopping her (which is fine when she sets her mind to do nice, normal things, but not so great when she decides she wants to dress like a princess and go grab her pony without telling her mom). This strength and conviction does sound 4-ish.

She is her brother’s best friend, nemesis and protector. They love each other tremendously, but will be on the floor in a heartbeat wrestling over a toy. However, if anyone else tries to take him on, you bet she will be there to step in. She is a year younger, but she can shoot daggers from her eyes (female genetics) and the boys, including her brother, will stop in their tracks. (I do pity the girls that her brother may choose to date someday, they have a heck of a sassy-pant sister to deal with).  All of this said, it does make her sound 4.

My baby is 4.

My baby is a little girl.

Happy Birthday Pailynn Belle. You will forever be my baby, but I do love watching you grow.







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