Unlucky, but happy

Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug . Today, I am the bug.

My husband is gone moving cows so it’s just the three amigos today, which I have been excited about all week! I promised so much fun!!! As long as they did one thing, go to CrossFit and wait patiently for me to be done. Basically, I promised if they were good for ONE hour, they could have the WORLD!!!! And (somewhat surprisingly) they were angels, (I can’t feel my arms and legs post class, but that’s a different story).

I decided to take them to “open gym” at our local gymnastics facility. They have been dying to go for MONTHS, it just feels like our weekends lately have been crazy. As we approached I realized, there were 10x as many cars as normal. Apparently, there was a competition today and no open gym……… talk about disappointment. But in true mom fashion I immediately came up with plan B! MCDONALDS!!! PLAY AREA!!!! I bargained with them (again), if they could just be good while we made a return at Wal-Mart, we would go straight to McDonald’s.

I will make this next part brief. WORST RETURN/EXCHANGE EXPERIENCE AT WAL-MART EVER!!!!!

Moving on, we did make it to McDonald’s, however, I was so frazzled by the crowds, new ordering system, garbage20180106_202445493_iOS-digging man, yelling adults and children that I ordered the wrong meals… but the kids powered through and  did actually have fun, I mean you can’t go wrong with the play area. However, I ended up with a huge thing of fries……….and……..I have a little food intolerance to potatoes. So I sat there staring at them for about 45 minutes. (Also, sat and watched my kids cover themselves in a bunch of totally random germs, the play area does sometimes give me heebie geebies)


After lunch, we stopped by the local hardware store when we spotted my brother and dad, we surprised them in the store, and I started telling the story of my day. My dad secretly snuck the kids about 8 quarters each and they ran over to the candy machine (the ones where you put the quarter in and a handful of candies come out). Well, news flash,  they don’t have big enough hands and all the candy was just flowing onto the floor. If you are interested in the conversion rate, 8 quarters generates about 3 tons of candy.  

So we finally got home and I got the kids situated for “quiet time”, and decided to look for a gift card I  misplaced during Christmas to a local Oil and Vinegar Store that I LOVE. I was gifted $50 and am SOOO eager to spend it! But I think in the hustle and bustle of Christmas Morning it ended up in our box/wrapping paper pile, most of that is now in our wood closet next to our fireplace.  So, there I was digging through paper, wood, and cardboard; ultimately to no avail. Upon exiting, I hit my head so hard on the door jam that the NFL would bench me for 3 games. My hair looks like I created a “poof” style, but it wasn’t intentional.

20180106_222244526_iOSAfter getting back on my feet, I managed to rip a hole in my jeans. While I was lying on the floor soaking in my misery. I remembered that about 25 minutes prior I had started boiling noodles. They are “well-done”, still edible, but definitely not Pinterest worthy. After this, the most incredible thing happened, my daughter gave me a big hug, kissed me and whispered “You’re OK Mommy”. MELT MY HEART. It was amazing and reminded me that nothing, absolutely nothing, can make my days bad. I have a wonderful life. 


Today, I am the bug.  Not my best day, but still- memorable. The best part, is I am laughing about it all. I may be having a bad morning, but I am still blessed beyond measure to have my family, and another pair of jeans. 

Until next type. Stay Happy Y’all!











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