Just another Sunday, in Rural America

What did your Sunday look like? Did it include a breakfast with Batgirl? Calves in the shop? Feeding cows by the river? The idea of buying a bus?  If it did, you are my clone!!! I always believed it to be possible!!! I can’t wait to meet you, do you also have that tiny birthmark on your right hand? Do you love ketchup? Ok, Ok, I am getting off track…….. I was thinking back to yesterday and just how normal it was, but maybe not for everyone.


This was a very typical Sunday in our lives. We ate breakfast with friends (sometimes us moms work out to a video in the basement – but not yesterday), we let the kids run wild, then we typically go adventure in the outdoors, check on whatever animal needs attention and daydream about the future.

For those of you that have heard of “cuffing season”, we don’t have that around our place (well, we already cuffed our SO’s) so now we get eager/anxious (depends on who you ask) for “calving season”. Right now, the first calf heifers are having babies, and they are totes adorbs! So far, everything is going smoothly! They are my in-laws house so my father in law can keep a close eye on them during labor, delivery and all the rest after (beestings- but this is a story for another day).

Just another normal Sunday, and by the way- we might buy a bus. Yup. A bus.

Until next type!


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