Day 11, 2018. MOM WIN #1

I DID IT!!! 11 days in to this new year and I my first Mom Win of the year!! I am almost positive I didn’t even have a win last year– just a lot of hang in there, fly by the seat of your pants moments. But TODAY I WIN!!! OH YES, I AM SUPER MOM TODAY!

What did I do you wonder? Well, first, I must remind you that mom-wins can range from any accomplishment large or small, but they occur when you prepare, plan and knock it out of the park in execution.

I made ice. Lots and lots of ice. Boom. Mic drop. Winning.

This may seem simple, but today, having lots of ice was essential. My son is having an “ice” day at school. Last Thursday, a note came home to the parents asking us to send their kids with ice so they can make ice sculptures on the 11th.  I started immediately, called my mother in law for extra ice trays (fancy ones of course), and have been making colored and clear spheres and cubes of all sizes since. He is walking in today with so much ice that, for the first time in my parenting experience, he could have extra for other kids!!!! He is not going to be the kid that needs the “extras” today. NOT TODAY!!! (photographs are not part of my winning experience, but still here are the cell snaps to prove it happened)

Seriously, by 8 AM this morning I felt so accomplished that I wanted to pop a bottle of Champagne. (I didn’t, but still….. winning!)

My inner mom self is doing cartwheels! (My outer mom self is not physically able to do those anymore). I. DID. IT.

Thank you, thank you very much! Until next type!



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