Sprinkles and Birthday Donuts

Fun Facts:

  • When your birthday falls at the beginning of the year and your mother is a crazy person, you will get used to not having a party until several weeks after your big day!


  • When you are a mom sometimes you become “Pin”-vinced (Pinterest convinced) that you need to have an over the top, themed, decorated, chalk boarded, remodel-the-house type party.


  • Sometimes Moms need to listen to their children.



Ok, maybe my idea of fun facts isn’t necessarily what you had in mind. But I had a HUGE parenting lesson the other day, all because I have a strong-willed, my way or the highway type of daughter. Reminder she is 4. I am well aware that she will actually be the death of me. But sometimes, like this time, she is right, and she gives me life.


Several weeks after she turned 4, we  finally got a party put together (I am sorry but after an anniversary, Thanksgiving, my son’s birthday, Christmas, and New Year- This mom is exhausted)!!! It was the best, the very very very very best party. Let me give you some history on how it came to be.


I started planning her 4th birthday the day after she turned 3, I had over 200 pins, I had started to purchase decorations. I was going to take her to a professional photographer. She would be celebrating her GOLDEN birthday this year and that just could not be under-celebrated! It is a milestone (right???).   Then then there we were, early October, the boys were out hunting so she and I went into town. We were enjoying a custom cereal topped donut at our local donut shop (we have the very best donuts in all the woIMG_7608rld- I love our little hidden secret) when she looked at me with that look, the one that makes this grown woman stop chewing and sit at attention.  She told me that she NEEDS to have her birthday here. I replied “at the donut shop????” in utter dismay, because didn’t she know I had already put time and planning into something else!!!!!  She repeated to me, “Yes here. This is my favorite place with you.” HEART. MELTED. She has told me a couple of times things were her favorite place with me (the bathroom is on the list, the arena and my bed) and I know when she says that it’s because she is currently truly happy. So, right then, plans had to change (anyone interested in a tote of pink and gold decor?)


I didn’t even know it was a possibility, but after a couple Facebook messages to the shop, turns out this was a dream we could make come true.


Fast forward several months and we were back in the store, had the entire store to ourselves, with 10 girls (and moms) and MOUNDS of donuts to decorate. The girls were in HEAVEN. HEAVEN! And this mom was in HEAVEN! I did nothing, not one thing (that’s a lie; I gave the shop my debit card). I didn’t decorate, I didn’t clean up. I watched, took pictures and enjoyed the party. This was the first time in all my short years as a parent that a birthday party was actually enjoyable for me. No cooking, no crazy decor, no spending all my savings to make a Pinterest dream come true. THIS WAS AWESOME.

Outside the fact that the sugar crash afterwards was almost unbearable.


Why am I sharing this story? Because I want to look back on this and remember that sometimes simple is best. I can guarantee you this was her most favorite birthday so far, and I think it will resonate with her for years to come. And maybe, just maybe, some other mother out there will read this and instead of trying to have the party of all the parties for their smallest of children, will instead let their kids pick, make it simple and let it be incredible.



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