Small Town Sunday

Small Town Sundays are a big deal around here. On Sundays, we are together, we see friends, we work, we play, we do it all. We love Sundays.

This past Sunday I learned new things as a parent, dare I say, I even became a different person this past Sunday. If motherhood had merit badges, I would have earned one.

Things I learned this past Sunday:

  1. It is possible to walk over 5 miles in mud without getting tired.
  2. Oil and Water make an insanely slippery kitchen and dining room floor
  3. I have a “mom look” that can strike fear in the hearts of children everywhere.

Lesson #1: 5 Miles is easy if you are having fun.

I walked WELL over 5 miles on Sunday, in a big circle, and never once complained. We finally had a nice day without rain or freezing temps so we saddled up Peanut Butter for the first time since he joined our family!!!! And we rode- A lot! (We also saddled Bentley and Thunder Monkey). Because we live in Small Town America, and because our friends are always just a call away, we called up several family friends, told them that we were about to jump on Peanut Butter and to come on over! IMG_7764Almost immediately, we had 6 kids at our house ready to take their turn riding!  We opened up the shop doors, turned the TV on so the dads could watch Football while they helped my husband, and we started our Sunday adventure.

The kids rode for hours (broken up of course—attention span), I rode for hours. My husband and his friends worked around the place (there was some serious welding going on as we are

making new stalls for the horses), the moms chatted, we all ate and it was glorious.  I finally put my phone in my pocket after a couple of hours and from that point I logged 5 miles, so I am counting that as my workout. That’s not cheating is it?

Note: Peanut Butter was amazing, we are beyond blessed to have him. He was so patient with all the rotating kids. I sense lots and lots of treats in his future.

Lesson #2: Oil and Water do mix if you are a little boy trying to make a slip and slide inside the house.

I learned a big lesson about being a boy mom. Never leave young boys unattended too long. If they are being quiet it is time to get worried. This started because two of the boys were “tired”, so they went in to the house to watch TV and eat lunch. This sounds so innocent right? I should have known right away when there were no complaints about the TV show, or lunch selection. How did I miss the red flags?????? I am still a boy mom rookie (I am hoping after 10 years I can be an expert, but after only 5 I still feel like a rookie).

Fast forward to when I realized they had been too quiet. I started walking to the house when the boys ran out cheery, happy, as if they were in Mayberry. Again, WHY DID I MISS THE RED FLAG???? BOYS DON’T CHEERILY RUN OUT AT THE SAME TIME- LIFE IS NOT A SITCOM.  I continued into the house. BOOM. Explosion of toys all over the living room. I started to pick up a little (I was going to have the boys come back and clean up the rest). I went to go through some trash in the kitchen garbage and my socks became drenched.

I slipped and slid everywhere.

I could barely stand.

That is when reality hit.

I was standing in a kitchen sized puddle of water mixed with vegetable oil.

(I realize this could have been WAY worse. There could be fire, broken windows, broken bones… but, still, this was crazy)IMG_7762

Lesson #3: Under duress, the inner mom will emerge and you become a force to be reckoned with.

As I stood there, it happened, my inner mom emerged. She is strong, fierce, and calm under pressure. She is like Lara Croft, but instead of all the fancy belts and tools, the inner mom stands in dirty jeans, messy hair and carries a cup of coffee and all-purpose cleaner. I started the war cry and the other moms came running in (apparently it is only heard by moms similar to a dog whistle). We together started to clean up some of mess, while coming up with the “mom plan”.  I then did the Mom-march (the one with the really heavy stepping) into the shop, threw open the door (so perfectly that the dads turned around and were standing at attention) and yelled “BOYS!!!!” they both turned, looked at me, and froze. This was the Mom-voice that all children fear. I felt like a lion that was finally becoming part of the pride. I had found my roar… and it was incredibly effective.  I then very calmly asked “What happened in there?” and they spilled the tea, leaving no detail out. It was incredible. My Mom-Look is like truth serum!!!! Needless to say, I received endless apologies, the boys cleaned and cleaned the floors (which are still very slippery, the oil has apparently set into the wood) and they were on their very best behavior for the rest of the day.


And that was just another typical Sunday in our small town. Full of fun, family, friends, and personal development.


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