Simple Pleasures of Mommy-hood

Listen, I used to be much more diva-licious. I used to be put together. I used to care about my hair, nails, makeup and shoes. Then I became a Mom (best day of my life) and I had to make sacrifices. My nails are hardly done, my hair is often a little on the “iffy” side and my makeup is often confused with my 4 year olds since we both use Wet N’Wild and Bonnie Bell. Listen though; I did NOT give up shoes.  img_5276.jpg

So this said, things basically change when mommy-hood start; which gives way to a new appreciation for small things.

Case in Point, I splurged and purchased the nice shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. And immediately the world is brighter, the grass is greener, the messes look cleaner. I am quite positive I currently look as if I belong on America’s Next Top Mom Model.

It’s amazing what a difference the small things make.

Next trip to the store, I may even splurge for the face primer. No, scratch that– I just remembered I had to budget for 100 valentines this year (will they be pinterest worthy?  maybe- we will have to wait and see). Two daycare parties, 2 school parties, which if you are doing mom math will roughly equal 1.5 bottles of wine.

I will just enjoy my fancy smancy new hair stuff and live my best life for the rest of this month. Maybe next month will be face primer month (AKA March).img_5258.jpg


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