So, I got bored

Momming has parts that are no fun. 

The list of chores is endless and I swear the housework is NEVER DONE!!! So I try to devote a weekend time block to catching back up (all rooms, all chores) even though I spot clean and do constant laundry throughout the week. But that time block IS BORING!! No woman ever said “I can’t wait to get home to do the dishes, laundry, vacuuming”.  So I have to make it more exciting.

Last weekend I got really bored and the girl and I did this:

I did this on purpose to send to my other mom friends via text, which I did and they LOVED/LAUGHED (probably pee’d a little). So, my hope is at least you giggle a little.

Add fun to routine folks, it prevents boredom.



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