Annual Mimosa Tour

“God Made Mimosas because Momming is tough.”

I am sure that was said by some insightful philosopher once, I am just not sure who. If it hasn’t been credited to anyone, I will take credit!

Before I get into the details of my Saturday, I need to paint you a picture of what my town is like. We have no skyscrapers, we have maybe a two-storied building in the main part of town. We have no suburbs. We have one movie theater, one Wal-Mart, a Costco and a handful of roundabouts. We do divide the region up into 4 “sections” of the valley. I happen to live in the “Heights” (named that because we at slightly above sea level (FYI I am near Hells Canyon). The Heights is full of small hobby farms (horses, sheep, chickens, pigs etc.), baseball fields, a school and little grocery store (picture 3 aisles and some slushie machines). Up here in the Heights, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by some very like-minded moms, but unfortunately, I don’t get to spend near enough time with them. So, cue Mimosa Tour.


The Mimosa Tour is truly a gift of mommy empowerment.

Here is how it works, 10 moms get together the Saturday before Valentine’s Day (we have had enough time to recover from the Holidays and it’s just enough time in front of the crazy spring schedules – Fair, branding, baseball, school concerts, spring break etc.). We meet at the first stop (home) and our hosts (2 of the moms) prepare for us a mimosa and brunch item. Then we spend the next hour or so in their kitchen, living room or deck (wherever we can all gather) and begin the mom-battery recharge. We talk about all things under the sun, from kid ailments to Real Housewives, from pig weigh in to pinterest crafts. We reconnect, we offer support for each other, and we remember why it is important to have quality girl time.

After we have finished our drink, food and have a good spot in conversation to move on, we take off to the next stop. Keeping in mind we span a 3 mile distance at max, so our stops are strategically planned so we are within a close distance for walking, biking or maybe someday horseback riding (we are just that rural), however we always have a husband who is available to drive us as well if the weather is nasty. Then we do it all again the next home.  The entire morning will take us a little over 5 hours for the 5 stops.

The other important piece to this, is that each stop is an empty home. The husbands and littles are all gathered at my home with my husband. They plan a morning of games (football, baseball, even the Wii) and eat, visit and enjoy each other as well, so basically they tailgate at our shop with the kids; this leaves them all as eager for Mimosa tour as us ladies are each year.

What is the “moral” to my story today? Fellow moms, you need each other, you need time together outside of sitting at dance or wrestling practice. When we became moms, we joined a sisterhood of moms, and we must remember to nurture our bond. Each year, the mimosa tour allows a chance for me to see the insides of my friendsIMG_7990‘ homes, admire their work, laugh with them (cry with them too if needed), and build us all up. I am fully recharged and ready to tackle this next year of mom-hood! If you don’t do something that brings you and mom friends together, I strongly encourage it! As a reminder, I started into this group only barely knowing some of the moms and now I consider them a sister-mom.

As women, we need each other, we need our time together, and we need champagne.



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