Our guide to an Idaho President’s Day Weekend

Round these parts, we get a little country to celebrate those Presidents. Nothing screams America (‘Merica) like campfires, cabins and children.

Truly though, this long weekend was a beautiful time. We headed out Friday evening (late due to a bull sale the hubby was attending)  to a friends property about an hour from town.  We pulled our home away from home (aka the camper)  and settled in for a wonderful long weekend.  The essential elements included:

  • Cabin
  • Snow
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Food
  • 4-wheeler
  • Sled
  • Fire
  • Good Music

As a friend, in case you want to plan something similar, here are some things I discovered over the weekend:

  • Making a pot of hot cocoa in a single serve K-Cup coffee maker will take an average 83.725 years. DO NOT ATTEMPT. BUY POWDERED HOT COCOA IN MASS QUANTITIES.


  • Gloves do not like to stay together in pairs; they actually have an aversion to being together, like Kim Cattrall and SJP. It is difficult to manage. (Shortly after this picture was taken, one of the gloves went missing, never to be seen again-RIP Glove, your purpose was appreciated)


  • Friends don’t let friends lose races to the boys. (Because Girls rule and Boys drool I don’t think we are actually adults yet)IMG_8304


  • Organizing a sled hill is actually worse than herding cats. I am saying this only because I think I can imagine herding cats, but I did attempt organizing the sledding and trust me it could not be done.


  • Friends are the spice of life, especially if you surround yourself with spicy friends. We have no shortage of that spicy, saucy—-whatever food description you want to use to explain what you see here. Nonetheless, never a dull moment!


  • There is nothing in the world cuter that can compare in cuteness to a baby and a new puppy. (We had both this weekend- Cuteness overload)


  • The winter Olympics is for talented athletes only, much better to watch than actually attempt any modified versions at home (i.e. sleds are not luges and curling is harder than you think without proper tools)

But most importantly, and I think the President’s might agree, a weekend in the woods is exactly what the soul needs, both young and old.DSC_0072



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