Dear Moms, You Rock.

Dear Moms,

You are crushing it. Thank you for being a mom with me. In case you don’t hear it often enough- you rock. Momming is not easy, and I thank you for being there with me. Whether it is in blogs, coffee shops, shopping cart returns, children activities, doctors’ offices, parks, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook HOWEVER we are sharing our experiences in momhood together. I appreciate you, I need you, I love you. Please continue to teach me, show me, encourage me, and share with me.

To stay at home moms and the working moms, thank you for teaching me that children require time and sacrifice.

To the rural mom and the urban mom, thank you for showing me the importance of the little things.

To the organic mom and the not so organic mom, thank you for encouraging me do the best I can.

To the single mom and the married mom, thank you for teaching me what it is important and how to prioritize.

To the mom with a whole slew of children and the mom with a single child, thank you for showing me what balance and patience looks like.

To the new mom and the experienced mom, thank you for sharing your vulnerabilities.

To the breast-feeding mom and the formula mom, thank you for showing me the beauty in feeding and nourishing.

Thank you to all moms, of all walks of like. We really aren’t that different and we all need support. Thank you for offering that to me regardless of how different on the surface we may be. Our hearts are the same.

From this one mom to all of you, thank you for being amazing. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for sharing the parts of you that are beautiful and the parts that are messy. You are making me stronger.




Just another mom

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