Even Sick Days have Silver linings.


Sick Days maybe aren’t all bad.
We had managed to escape the nasty flu; until last night. The night ended with a trip the ER for a crazy high fever I couldn’t get controlled. However, this trip did manage to include a strange amount of laughter.  These littles are always teaching me lessons, this was a clear lesson in finding for the silver lining.

First, it is important to know this little factoid: my daughter is OBSESSED with doctors. It is slightly bizarre, especially since our son could not be more opposite.  She wants to grow up to be a baby doctor and a dentist (her picks not mine), at her last check up she was more excited than a girl getting a new pony. She RAN into the office, was bouncing off the wall, asking tons of questions, helping the Dr. and of course telling everyone she was going to be a Dr. someday. Then at the end, she ASKED THE NURSE NOT TO FORGET HER SHOTS!!! After the shots, she looked at the nurse and says “Thank You” in the sweetest voice known to man. It is a sight to behold, this I promise you.

So fast forward to last night, she has a crazy high fever, body aches all over, and is generally miserable. I was unable to get the fever down so we had to take her to the ER. She was barely talking before we jumped in the truck, then from the backseat I heard a faint “Mom…….. are we going to see a Dr.?” I replied that we certainly were and immediately she was an entirely different person! Chatty, excited, giddy….. still with a 104+ fever, but the happiest sick girl. She bounced on into the ER and I couldn’t keep up with her questions about all the equipment, doctors, and people. She was in heaven, she was diagnosed, treated and sent on her way. When we got home, she was so excited to tell Daddy about the hospital.

She reminded me that even in the crudd-iest scenarios, there is always something to be thankful for. In her case, the Gatorade glass is half full.

However, we are in home quarantine for the next several days. I am day one in and I am already having some Lord of the Flies flashbacks. I can’t begin to explain how addicted we are to being outside, being wild and crazy and to not having to be stuck in our house! (I think any outsider could tell if they saw the state of my house cleaning) but I am looking down the tunnel at most likely 3 days inside……….. I am setting some goals

1)      Prevent other household members from getting sick

2)      Put all laundry away, perhaps get caught up on laundry for the first time….. maybe ever?

3)      Buy a pallet of Lysol Disinfectant to assist with goal number one.

4) Enjoy this unexpected time off from work and make some great memories with the littles

5) Keep finding the silver linings

This is unrelated, but I must also share, for those of you who happened to read my New Years Resolutions list, I FINALLY DID ONE!! I actually did a cute Pinterest inspired snack for the other little’s snack leader day! (link below) Rainbow Fruit Kabobs- I somehow, in all my rejoicing, did not take a picture. But trust me. I DID IT and I feel like the most powerful mother of all!!!I was slightly concerned about sending my son to school with the equivalent  of 18 wooden swords, but thankfully there was no issue!

Until next type, stay happy and healthy friends!


Fruit Kabobs:

<a data-pin-do=”embedPin” href=”https://www.pinterest.com/pin/316448311299426345/”></a&gt;




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