Rural Housewives v. “Real Housewives”

Disclaimer: I LOVE the Real Housewives Franchises, this will not be a bash on them. Just a comparison between myself and my ladies on TV. 

Last night I was indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure. Real Housewives.  I love my break from reality to watch reality.  (thank you DVR for being invented so I can watch these shows when the entire house is tucked in bed). I snuggled down into my recliner, grabbed a glass of wine (Sutter Home, in case you wanted to know just how fancy I am) and I enjoyed an hour worth of women.  Afterwards, I started to think about the similarities and differences I have with them.

  • Clothes
    • THEM: Fashion Week. They went!  And they actually know the designers. I have literally never heard of 90% of those. Also, when they go shopping, ladies, they GO SHOPPING. They try things on that I would never touch,I get too scared of the “you break you buy” rule! They also wear white. I haven’t worn a white shirt since I had kids and NEVER in my entire life did I wear white pants. There is no way I wouldn’t get dirt, grime, or some other substance on them.
    • ME: Let’s just say it’s a stark contrast. The boots and pants I have on cost me less than $50 combined, the most expensive item of clothing I own (besides my wedding dress) is probably a dress I bought for a wedding a long time ago which cost $80. But let me tell you. I make that $80 work baby!
  • Vacations
    • THEM: They go to amazing places. They stay in amazing places. They travel first class. I am actually learning quite a bit about geography from this show. So I consider it educational.
    • ME:We go amazing places, but we RARELY  fly anywhere. We typically go to the mountains, up the river, to the lake, camping, fishing, or horseback riding. It’s not exotic, but it is amazing. I live near Hell’s Canyon, it is beyond gorgeous. And sometimes, when we get that wild travel bug, we will drive a couple of hours and go to the “city” and maybe even stay the night at a hotel.

Side story, this time last year, we actually rented a van with other couple friends of ours, drove to Spokane and went to an Eric Church concert. You haven’t lived until you have been in a 15 passenger van with your friends for several hours. 

  • Children
    • THEM: They have them. Sometimes they are so adorable I can’t hardly stand it! Sometimes they act like total S**Ts.
    • ME: I have them. Sometimes they are so adorable I can’t hardly stand it! Sometimes they act like total S***Ts.

In the area of children, basically I am the same as they are. I am sure that each one has messed up something with their kids schedules, lunches, snack days, etc. I think it a part of the natural mom-condition.

  • Drama
    • THEM: Well, they may not be very different from me in this area. However, the scope of their drama is much different. They get in dramatic flair ups over rooms, houses, glasses. That doesn’t happen here (as much), but the big things like the he-said, she-said or the allegations, accusations, back stabbing. GIIIRRRRLLL I KNOW that kind
    • ME: Rural America drama is different. Sometimes it’s local rodeo drama, sometimes it’s our local elected leaders. Sometimes it’s a super judgey frenemy who makes a mountain out of a mole hill. Sometimes it’s a jealous girlfriend or ex-wife who starts drama. Sometimes it’s the owners of a loose dog causing drama. We have in-law fighting and resentment, we have outlaws on the loose. We have High Society type feuds and we have knock down drag out fights. And bless your sweet heart, we are passive aggressive.


  • Quality of Life
    • THEM: They seem happy.
    • ME: I AM happy.

On this we are very much the same, regardless of the clothes, the cars, the vacations, the husbands, the money, the children, the drama, the diets, they seem happy. I know I am happy. I guess it’s true, we aren’t all so very different after all!


Why do this comparison? I don’t know, because sometimes it is easy to get jealous of someone else’s life. But in “reality”, the grass is just the same grass. All that matters is that you take care of you own on your side of the fence (this felt like a fitting rural analogy). I will continue to watch my RH franchised shows until Bravo stops making them, but I am never jealous of them. I have my own drama to tend to at home and my own chaos to manage. Speaking of, I just realized I need to find a shoe box lid for a school project one of the little’s has. Oh boy. When was the last time I bought shoes!!!!?????


Until next type 🙂



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