It’s T-Ball Time….. PLAY BALL!

WOW, time flies. My last post was over a month ago. Yet, it doesn’t seem that long ago! Where has time gone? The only things keeping us busy besides kids, school, work is a couple birthday parties, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Celebrations, a Hat-Making party, a Wedding Shower we hosted, branding cattle and getting ready for our local fair and rodeo. OH and T-Ball.

I will have to share more about all the other things we have been up too some other time, needless to say our shop has turned into an event center. But today, today I want to discuss how to properly be a t-ball mom/coaches’ wife.DSC_0683

T-Ball 101

For those of you who are new to organized sports, t-ball is the small child version of baseball. This is my son’s second year participating, but my husbands first as “Coach”.  If any of you are considering coaching, enrolling your children or just going to catch a game I want to give you a brief rundown of what to watch for.

  • Overload of Adorableness. These kids are wearing jerseys that swim on them, cute little baseball pants, the gloves are miniature. It is totes adorbs. It will melt even the coldest heart.
  • Crazy Parents. Not in the “yell at the ref” kind of way (FYI we don’t even have umpires in our t-ball league), but rather these parents (I am one) scream and yell in delight the entire game. Every hit is great, ever ball stopped and thrown is brilliant and no matter if it is your kid or not, you can’t help but hoop and holler! I think it’s the cuteness that causes us all to lose our minds, its basically a drug.
  • Extreme Inning Lengths. We play 2 innings every game, this takes roughly 45 minutes. Every batter hits, every batter runs and the time it takes for a ball to go from pitcher to first base back to home is approximately 2 minutes. Any more than 2 innings and we would need a full fledged bathroom and concession stand.

If you are going to coach, I am learning there are a couple things to know before you start


  • Not every family is like yours. Family dynamics are so different, every married couple is different, every divorced couple is different and they all have needs. You will be asked to accommodate those needs and you will need to just have a standard operating procedure you abide by (BC not every kid can have 2 jerseys and not every child can get a ride home from you after practice)
  • Patience is a virtue, be sure you have it in spades. There will be potty breaks, tears, arguments, and confusion—– and then there are the children to think about.
  • Get the Snack Chart set up before games start. So that every mom doesn’t show up with snacks for the team at the first game.


Overall, it is truly an awesome experience and a great place to take 10,000 pictures if you feel like you aren’t meeting your picture quota.




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